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  • Been using WordPress for years for my clients, etc. Thought it would be kinda fun to add a bunch of articles related to humor, news, etc. Any ideas on how to further improve the site, design or navigational wise, etc ?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks.


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  • I think it looks cute!

    Only problem is it too FOREVER to load… have you noticed this as well?

    Thanks Janet, it happens on and off, I still cannot seem to solve this issue, how long did it take for you ?

    Looks great! Loading fine for me.
    The content is great, definitely off to an awesome start!

    Thanks Heather, I hope that I have fixed the bug, it took 30 secs earlier to load, something was wrong with the server I guess.

    Thanks for the compliment : )

    This site looks incredibly professional. I think the ads on the right side are affecting load times however. It took a little over 7 seconds to load completely.

    One thing that stood out was the date in the upper left corner. The grey highlight doesn’t quite match up with the rest of the theme. I would try to make that match the search bar opposite it.

    Other than that, looks really nice. Like, really really nice. Must have taken awhile to build it.

    Thanks kandrite 🙂

    Strange, ran several test from different locations they appear fine, usually any code from Google is quick to load and efficient.

    Thanks for that information, I completely missed that, the date was standing out a bit too much, I have removed the background. It does look much better 🙂

    I have to resonate everyone else’s thoughts and say
    This site indeed looks very well made
    The theme colors are prominent, the grays and whites have a tasteful amount of reds that help break up the visuals of the site and make it easy for visual navigation

    Here are a few thoughts
    1. At first I was not sure what I was doing at a site called Sad Useless. It took me a moment to read the site’s description on the browser bar that said “The place to be when you are sad and useless’
    I would probably add that statement somewhere to the header, besides the logo so if I accidentally stumble across this site, I immediately know what this site is about
    2. I have to say – remove the date form the upper left corner. It’s not serving the sites purpose, feels very superfluous.
    3. For the moment I would remove the #number of subscribers from those social icons. I would probably drop it back in to the theme when those numbers are exploding
    4. I would probably remove the “Home Icon” from the navigation bar. Out of the three navigation icons (namely – Home, Search and Back to the Top) the home looks a bit flippant compared to the other two
    5. I like the ‘Back to the Top’ icon since it’s round, matches the other icons (social icons) and breaks the rule of rectangular layout that the theme employs
    6. Going one more step ahead – I would theme Saduseless twitter and Youtube’s page (Background image) the same as
    BTW – the youtube’s banner is aweosme. You should probably use the same here on your main website to maintain continuity

    Phew, that was a wall of text. Hope you find that useful

    [sig moderated as per the Forum Rules]

    Wow thank you very much for the feedback Ajay. It is much appreciated. I will take note of each of your recommendations.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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