• If I could give it zero stars, I would.

    Prevent Files / Folders Access” does not work to protect my PDF publications from being downloaded through an installed pdf viewer plugin.

    And the state of the “art” today is that there is really no protection for important PDF files containing your copyrighted property, they are easily stolen with every kind of iframe and every kind of pdf viewer plugin.

    I had hoped that this “Prevent Files / Folders Access” plugin might put a stop to it, but no.

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    Thank you for your valuable feedback. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to bring this matter to our attention.

    May I kindly request you to please share the URL of the PDF published on our website so that we can thoroughly test it in our environment and take appropriate action as necessary?

    I would also like to inform you that we have raised an internal ticket to investigate the issue you have reported on our local environment. If we confirm the issue, we will certainly address it in the next release of the plugin.

    Please send us a query from the support form inside the plugin so that we can reach out to you over email for better assistance and a fast response.

    Team miniOrange

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    Let me correct the title of my post, because obviously, I was misunderstood when you replied “the URL of the PDF published on our website”. That’s not what I said.

    Revised title:

    Sadly, it does not stop THE STEALING OF my PDF publications via ANY pdf viewer INSTALLED ON MY SITE

    Here’s my point. Your file protector ONLY protects my PDFs from being downloaded if the visitor has a direct link to it in my Uploads folder. I do not post those links.

    What I DO is use an installed PDF viewer plugin (any one will do from the dozens out there that are nothing but glorified iframes) so my visitors can READ the PDF. However, by default, all these iframe-based PDF viewer plugins automatically offer an arrow on the toolbar to open a menu that says i.e. DOWNLOAD or PRINT. If the visitor clicks on that menu on the pdf viewer, the PDF actually OPENS UP and can be downloaded, and therefore “stolen”, because I don’t want to give my copyrighted publications away for free, to find them scattered all over the internet and posted all over by other people.

    I had HOPED that your file-protect plugin would STOP these pdf viewer plugins from giving free downloads to my visitors.

    That’s not the case. The pdf viewer plugins continue to offer free downloads of my “protected” PDF documents. So, your plugin, sadly, is not a solution to this huge problem recognized by so many other people, not just me, who are sick and tired of having our copyrighted PDF publications exposed to download when we don’t want to give them away. In my case, I just want my visitors to be able to READ them, not download them to their desktop.

    I have searched for WEEKS for a way to put a stop to this problem, but it seems, quite oddly, that there is a major industry out there of corporations with platforms who are SELLING pdf document hosting in the form of i.e., “flipping books” produced from PDF files, and these corporations with these big platforms somehow magically can actually prevent the pdfs uploaded to their platforms from being downloaded by visitors. But, strangely, ordinary folks are now deprived of the ability to do just that with our own pdf’s in our own websites hosted on “wordpress.org”. It almost looks like a “conspiracy theory” for big corporations to keep the technology to themselves of protecting against PDF download, while SELLING their pdf hosting services to people desperate to find a way to stop THEFT of their copyrighted materials by iframe or pdf-viewer downloading.

    If companies can sell space on their flipping book platforms to people who want to PROTECT their pdf’s from downloading, WHY CANNOT ORDINARY PEOPLE PROTECT THEIR OWN PDFs? I don’t want my PDFs to be turned into flipping books. I want them to be nice, stable embeds that are viewable, with a “grab hand” tool for the visitor to move the document around, and NO arrow on the toolbar to download and print. That’s all I want. Why is the wordpress plugin industry NOT providing ordinary self-hosted websites with a solution to this outrageous problem? Is there economic or political pressure somewhere to DENY us this ability precisely so big companies can sell us the “protection” in a kind of pdf “protection racket”?

    Please find a way to offer real PDF protection against downloading via all sorts of iframes and pdf viewers based on iframes and other systems that by default offer free downloads to visitors of documents I don’t want to give away, and cannot display by any other means unless I pay some big company to turn them into flipping books on their servers, which I don’t want.


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