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  • I was so looking forward to this theme. It seemed to be the first one that EXACTLY suited my needs. Parabola was close, but the added columns in Tempera promised to solve my last major problem. I eagerly installed the beta when it was first available. Unfortunately, changes to the presentation page could not be saved. Hitting [Enter] or clicking the update button did absolutely nothing. Assuming that it was a Beta bug, I waited for the full release. When i found it in the WordPress theme list today, I was delighted!

    The first thing I checked upon uploading it into one of my less-important blogs was the update ability of the presentation page. At first I used the [Enter] key to update, got a “page not found error, and no change to the site. When I tried it again I clicked the update button. This time it resulted in my IP address being locked out of my hosting service–on Christmas day. Hours later I was able to get access to my web sites again–now wise enough to NEVER try this theme again!

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    I am having a really hard time believing a single word of what you’re saying.

    Your IP address was locked out of your hosting service? Not only that what you’re saying makes no sense but IN NO WAY can a theme do that.

    Also, you keep mentioning that the presentation page could not be saved. There are a lot more options on the settings page. Were those being saved? And there’s no UPDATE button to save the settings. There’s a general SAVE SETTINGS button for the whole page. Are you sure you’re talking about the right theme here?

    You’re really not making much sense so you’re either really new at the whole WordPress thing or you’re completely lost. Anyway, if you really had those problems I am sincerely sorry for you but trust me they weren’t theme related.

    Happy Holidays!

    Bruce, my guess is that your website is hosted on Bluehost. On Christmas day there were thousands of websites that were down. Your downtime had nothing to do with the theme.
    Additionally, if you don’t hit the SAVE SETTINGS your changes will not take affect.
    Happy Holidays and hope this changes your opinion of the theme.

    I apologize for attacking your baby. I lost a site that was important to me after many hours of work and I was freaking out. I would have replied sooner, but I bought a new theme to replace yours with, and I am just now able to raise my head. It was not directly compatible. The truth is, if I can get Tempera to work, it is the most perfect theme for my purposes that I have ever found. When I have the time, I will definitely be trying it again on other blogs
    Since this is apparently not something that is commonly happening with other users, I suspect that Cazgillo1 has a point about it being hosting service related, as the same issue began happening on the Parabola themes I have installed on other blogs. My hosting service is AACES, but they may sub to BlueHost or someone else with issues. Of my current 32 blogs–down from 64–the only ones having this issue have Parabola, or had Tempera installed and activated. This only started after the recent update to Parabola was released.
    Even though the update button is labeled “Save Changes,” it still IS the button I was clicking. At first I assumed that I had clicked the reset button instead, and I was totally pissed at myself. After two more times of very carefully paying attention to what I was doing (once clicking the Save settings button, once just pressing [Enter] because I suspected the hotspot may be misaligned on my screen) I came to the realization that it was something in the program. I then went to a non-critical blog and installed Tempera. This time when I updated the settings (by clicking the “Save Changes” button) it reverted to your defaults, and I was concurrently locked out of my hosting service. SOMETHING created a “False Positive Error” which resulted in my IP address (and only my IP address) being blocked from the server. The only thing happening from my IP address at that particular time on Christmas day was work on Tempera.

    Regarding my experience level, I have been using WordPress since shortly after it became available, finding it to be a delightful alternative to coding from scratch in HTML. I am a retired electrical engineer and software quality engineer with extensive quality assurance, failure analysis and qualification testing experience. I say this only to indicate to you that there really IS some issue here that may require your further consideration. If it happens to me it will likely happen to others. If you can forgive me for the unkindness of my initial response, I will be happy to assist you in any way I can to attempt to replicate and resolve this glitch, whether it sources in my hosting service, or in the application itself. I would LOVE to be able to trust Tempera again. As I said above, the basic design is the best I have found.

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