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  • Certainly broken, possibly abandoned?

    AFAIK, it is dead. at the moment, i’m testing out

    Same problem. Let us know if you fix this SABRE.

    I was able to successfully fix this issue by doing the following:

    1 – Comment out the Session functions in the sabre_class.php file:

    Lines 336-346

    // if (empty($result->id)) {
    // $error_msg_text = __(‘Unknown session.’, ‘sabre’);
    // $errors->add(‘sabre_session’, $error_head_text . $error_msg_text);
    // $sabre_errors[‘sabre_session’] = $error_msg_text;
    // }

    // if ($result->status != ‘pending’) {
    // $error_msg_text = __(‘Invalid session status.’, ‘sabre’);
    // $errors->add(‘sabre_session_status’, $error_head_text . $error_msg_text);
    // $sabre_errors[‘sabre_session_status’] = $error_msg_text;
    // }

    2 – Uncheck everything under stealth options, and set session time to 20000

    3 – Turn off confirmation by user or admin. This still requires that the user check a valid email to receive their password, which should eliminate most spammers.

    Interesting, after committing my changes, I was then able to re-enable the “Check DNS Blacklists” and the “Block if Javascript Unsupported” under the “Stealth” options and all appears to be working.

    Thanks wcrook for your solution! It’s really annoying getting all these spam

    After further frustration (for some reason the plugin had not created the database tables necessary to function correctly), I tried a different plugin, which I’m very pleased with:

    Even while Sabre was limping along (but working), I was still getting several spam registrations a day. Now that I’ve updated to use this new plugin, I get maybe one per week, and it has many other security features that seem to be working very well.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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