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  • Trying to install Sabre under WP 3.04. The plugin works but there are two main issues.

    1) Sabre doesn’t accept the user’s password even when the option is enabled
    2) Sabre shows the captcha when using the “Random” option in the test display settings even if the captcha is disabled.
    3) The password strength field doesn’t appear to work

    I can live with 3 and 2 but 1 is really a PITA.

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  • Plugin Author dlo


    Problem #1 is surprising and is a real issue. But without any additional information on your configuration (version of Sabre, WordPress in mono or multisite mode, list of plugins installed) I have no clever answer to give to you.

    Problem #2 is the normal behaviour of Sabre. When you let Sabre choose the test randomly, it will choose among the three tests, disabled or not.

    Problem #3 will be fixed in the next version of Sabre.

    Best regards

    Running mono WP 3.04. Sabre version 1.1.2.

    I can give you a list of plugins if you think that might be the issue. Are there known issues with some plugins?

    If I select two of three tests then why can’t I have it only show one of them randomly? I don’t want to bother with Captchas so it seems odd that the plugin is forcing me to either take two tests or one of three.

    Why wouldn’t it just randomly pick from the available tests?

    Plugin Author dlo


    Plugins related with user registration or login process and even apparently unrelated ones can be conflicting with Sabre but I have no established list. You always have a chance with any plugin you use.

    For the second point, I understand your position. I will study the possibility to change this behaviour.

    Best regards

    I’ll try to duplicate the set-up on my development machine to see if I can find out if there is a plugin problem

    I have installed sabre and it is under plugins, but how do I get it to appear on the home page?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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