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  • Hi there,

    A few months ago, one of my WordPress sites started to get hit by spam registration bots. First, they hit my forum’s registration, so I had to turn off registration there for a while.

    Then they moved to the main site which runs on WordPress, and suddenly I was getting hundreds of WordPress spam registrations a day. I had already had Sabre installed for some time and had the stealth Javascript checks on, the check to make sure enough time was spent on the registration form, user e-mail confirmation, and a CAPTCHA. Somehow they were getting through, so I was forced to turned off registration for a while, and when I turned it back on a month later they had moved on.

    A separate WordPress site of mine, on a different server, started seeing this exact same problem last week. No matter what settings I use, the registrations get through. I can’t figure it out, I can only guess that maybe there’s an army of actual people out there who go around registering spam accounts for whatever reason.

    Any ideas on what I can do? Up until this started, I loved the plugin, it worked like an absolute charm. I always keep my WordPress versions up to date and take server security and permissions seriously, so this has me stumped.

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  • SABRE can’t block cheap Chinese “mechanical turks” paid a few cents per registration.

    I have 91 members/authors on tattoo site and Sabre blocked 892 fake registrations! I check the emails of blocked ones in google and look for “spam”. If it is a bot it prob got reported and will show on top of Google if u search ip or email addy. I woould hate to block someone real who wanted to add quality to my content. 🙂
    Block all traffic from china! I had same prob with real people-bots and saw 95% from china so 4 me easier to just block the whole Place.
    I have been using Sabre for long time and never had 1 prob w/it ever! Guess i got a good copy!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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