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  • Hi,
    I’m experiencing a problem with s2Member EOT and wish to know if someone has faced this before, and which solutions/workaround has found.

    I’m using s2Member Pro, paid version, (140614) with WordPress (3.9.1), Paypal account (not Pro), working with s2Member Pro Forms.
    All things except EOT change after upgrading are working fine (also submitted a ticket on s2Member, waiting for answer).

    This is the test scenario:
    > a user come on my site, register, and then buy (with a pro form) for monthly access to level 1, all OK, he get access;
    > from the admin panel I see the EOT correctly set to “today + 1 month”;
    > a few days after, he wish to upgrade, and get a yearly access to level 4 (I don’t care at this moment for calculating the amount of his membership he doesn’t use);
    > BUT from the admin panel I see that the EOT doesn’t change… is still the first EOT, a month after the first payment.

    Before posting I’ve done some test:
    – Paypal log files in s2Member correctly show all communications (first subscription, cancellation and registration -pro form behavior- of the new subscription), and clearly send to s2Member the new starting date, and NEW RENEWAL date, which coincides with the new EOT (why s2 doesn’t update?);
    – so, I have a member having upgraded and paid for a year, but its EOT is still set to “first subscription + 1 month”, I try to manually set the date to 1 day after this EOT, and I get that the user is demoted to level0 (free) user… this is stunning! Why s2 doesn’t work with the new IPN he received?

    I think that the changing of EOT related to the upgrading of the user account should be a core functionality of a membership plugin (that is a very basic behavior).

    I hope someone could help, because this is a core problem -in my opinion- for a membership website.

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    In my understanding: when upgrading s2 cancel the first subscription (to avoid the 20% limit) and start the new subscription (I receive in total 3 IPN: first subscription, cancellation and new subscription, with all data correctly received), it fails fails (it’s my impression) to set the new EOT (it should DELETE IT, if I correctly understand its behavior) when receive the last IPN.

    NOW: I have to go live, and found a workaround that allow me to start, here what it is:

    >> If I let the new users but only through BUY NOW buttons, and then upgrading trough Pro Forms, the s2 behavior is CORRECT: no EOT is set when he upgrades! So the problem would be, in my case, the second upgrade.

    Just a little workaround that don’t really solve the problem.

    I’m in contact with s2, and hope to get this solved.



    I think the problem come from Sandbox (that isn’t really as like as PayPal live).
    Now the only difference is that I’m in Live mode, and all is working fine.


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