• I have a new project I’m about to embark on and rather the develop everything from scratch I’m looking to make use of plugins with active communities and professional support behind them. The reason I want to take this approach is because I’m an IT Security professional by trade, not a developer. Additionally, my hope is that by using plugins, it’ll cut down on the lead time required for my site to go live. That said, I’m very comfortable writing code and if necessary, can write custom plugins (I presume I’ll be doing this no matter what on this project).

    The project will be laid out somewhat like this:

    1. Customers will join the site at no cost and become a member.

    2. Members will then be able to view events, and then pay to join such events.

    3. Each event will have a defined start and end date, defined cost, and also have multiple members associated with it.

    4. Each member will have custom attributes tied to their profile, unique to each event.

    5. Decisions will be made based on the content of the attributes on the back-end.

    While I think I’m really looking for an event management system with pay options, the use of a level 0 memberships with custom capabilities (tied to an event), or even page specific purchases in that each page would be an event. If it would work, it opens up subscription options in the future if we decide to go that route.

    I was intentionally ambiguous in writing this due to intellectual property concerns, but I tried to ensure I gave enough information to lay out what I’m trying to do.

    Thoughts? Questions?


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