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[resolved] S2Member + BuddyPress Paypal Integration Bug (5 posts)

  1. Cam
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi S2Member Devs,
    First some details of my configuration:

    • PHP: 5.3.27
    • WP: 3.9
    • S2Member: 140409
    • S2Member Pro: 140409
    • BuddyPress: 2.0
    • QuickCache: 140104
    • Wordfence: 5.0.4 (w/ caching disabled)
    • Other Misc Plugins
    • Open Registrations Disabled
    • Using WP S2Member shortcode to generate encrypted buttons

    Problem: I have been using Paypal Buttons with my free Paypal Business Account to process payments. Everything was working fine (I thought) until I received an email this morning tipping me off to a bug that is a little concerning -- s2member is not applying the capabilities that were purchased.

    I replicated the problem this evening. Buttons that were generated take me to Paypal, and include all the elements that they should for what is being purchased. Paypal email that is sent to me as the site owner also includes this information (User Level, CCAPs, & Description).

    Using the links that are generated, I return to my site and am able to set up my new user account. All the logs that are generated seem to indicate that S2Member is receiving the information correctly back from Paypal -- though I'm not sure which log specifically I should be zeroing in on.

    Upon setting up and activating my new account, the user role is set to subscriber (not S2Member Level 1), and there are no Paid Subscr. ID, Custom Capabilities, or EOT Time fields filled in (though all my EOTs are blank since these are one-time payments).

    This is using Buddypress' user registration form. Is there a bug in how S2Member integrates with BuddyPress 2.0's registration, or is there something else that I may be missing?

    Thanks in advance for all your help with troubleshooting/fixing this.

    ~Cam -- ReflectiveBibleStudy.com


  2. Cam
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This definitely appears to be a bug with s2member + BuddyPress 2.0

    A workaround can be found by disabling BuddyPress' custom registration page and instead, using the default page.

    Instructions/Code for disabling BP registration can be found here.
    (If you don't have a bp-custom.php file, see instructions here.)

    Hope this helps.
    P.S. Still looking for a solution to the issue, but I hope that this will help someone else who may be experiencing this issue.

  3. Cam
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I could not replicate this behavior on a clean install using Paypal Sandbox. I did uncover that s2member and the plugin "Unconfirmed" (used with BP + Multisite) are not compatible. If you activate a user via Unconfirmed, they will not have any of their purchase details or privileges enabled.

    For my install, to keep future purchaser's happy and minimize the chance of being hit with bugs, I am staying with the WP registration, and have used s2member to style this page to match the rest of my website.

    Tip: To really customize your page, add all your custom CSS into the "Footer Design" field of the "Login/Registration Design" section, wrapped with the tags:
    <style media="all" type="text/css"> [css here] </style>
    (You may need to add !important to some of your css declarations to override some other "important" rules.)

    Since I am unsure the root cause of my bug, and cannot replicate it with a clean install, I'm marking this topic as resolved.


  4. kozzmen
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi Cam,

    Thank you for starting up this topic!
    I have exactly the same problem on my site and I am still unable to fix it (neither the guys from S2Member support who are trying to help me).

    I am thinking of downgrading the s2member plugin to previous version as the last option left. As I remember this bug happened after I upgraded the plugin.

    Are you still using the WP registration instead of BP?


  5. Cam
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks for asking. Yes, I am still using the WP registration instead of Buddypress form, as I feel it will be more stable in the long run and future upgrade-proof. (Fingers crossed)

    I think I used r-a-y's code to do this that is found over here, but I don't remember specifically. If it doesn't work (the first block), then reply and I'll dig into my code and post it here.

    Also I found out that, since I use multisite, the s2member login customizations only format the main WP site, and not login pages on sub-sites. I have moved away from using s2member to customize the login page design, and moved my custom CSS into a seperate mu-plugin that applies it globally to the log-in pages -- network wide.

    Hope this helps. I have not had any complaints or sign up issues that I am aware of since then.


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