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S2Member and WP Migrate DB compatibility (3 posts)

  1. FeralReason
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm investigating using S2Member for a client's website and wondering if it is compatible with WP Migrate DB. (Client's site requires only free registration to reach certain content - no paid levels.) Our workflow is: develop on localhost, migrate changes to a staging site (for client review) and finally migrate to the live site when changes are approved -- all using WP Migrate DB. Questions:
    1) Does anyone have experience using both S2Member with WP Migrate DB?
    2) In general, are there any special considerations (I'm especially wondering about the security key) in migrating a WP database from an S2Member enabled site?


  2. KTS915
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Yes, my current host used it to migrate one of my sites from where it was previously hosted, and it worked flawlessly.

    There were no special considerations for me at all, and my host didn't mention any issues either.

  3. FeralReason
    Posted 1 year ago #

    KTS915 -- Excellent -- thanks so much! (I love WP Migrate DB and am reluctant to give it up!)

    So - to anyone on the development side, I'm assuming that when the database is exported (say...from the localhost site) and then imported to the staging site or live site, that the security code is also transferred seamlessly and does not have to be re-entered again in order for the site to work properly.

    Is this correct?

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