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  • Hi there

    I have S2 Pro used in conjunction with Buddypress. I am also using Menu Items Visibility Control to hide links for members / non members.

    If you visit my site you will see the site as it would appear to a visitor / non-member.

    If you log in using this user name: galeyboy1981 with the password test123! you will see the top menu bar change to choices that a member gets.

    If you now click on “Home” in the top menu navigtion bar, it loads the home page again but does not remember that you are logged in. The log-in widget on the right hand side is visible and the non-member links are showing again.

    If you then click “Services” in the top menu bar it will load the services page, and will show the logged-in widget on the right hand side of screen. The top nav bar also reflects the correct options.

    It is not consistently remembering you are logged in on certain pages. Please can somebody help me troubleshoot this?

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  • That sounds very much like a theme or plugin conflict. Try switching themes and turning off all other plugins. If it now works, you have a conflcit, so try truning them back on one by one to identify the culprit.

    Thank you for the suggestion KTS915 – I turned off W3 total cache and it is now working correctly. I imagine the settings were telling it to remember pages, which of course change when you are logged in or out.

    The downside is the site is now much slower – is there a tutorial or guide on the recommended settings to let W3 work with S2? I’ve seen it said they can work together.


    The general rule is that you cannot cache pages for logged-in users on WordPress. With one exception, it doesn’t matter what the plugins are.

    You can continue to cache pages for users who are not logged in, though. I hate W3 myself, so I don’t use it, but there might be a setting somewhere to tell it not to cache pages for logged-in users (though, frankly, all caching plugins should know by default to avoid caching in those circumstances). You would need to ask on the W3 forum how to do that.

    There are several other good caching plugins that, in my experience, cause far less trouble. But, again with that one exception, they should not cache content for logged-in users.

    The one exception is ZenCache Pro, which is by the same developers as s2Member. You can safely set this to cache for logged-in members because it then creates a separate cache for every member. (If you have a lot of members, you will need enough disk space to store these caches.) It also has HTML compression, so that your site will be blazing fast whether users are logged in or out (thus avoiding the issue of having your paid, logged-in members receiving a poorer service than those not logged in).

    You can try out the lite version of ZenCache (which just has basic caching) here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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