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  • I recently attempted to set up a s2 Member PayPal button using the s2Member generated short code. It didn’t work. I followed the thread offered by Jason from s2 and set up a paypal button through paypal directly. It worked.
    After going through the process and testing it live, when I was being redirected back to my WordPress site a window appeared warning me that the information would now be easily viewable by a 3rd party. I called paypal and they assured me that because I had saved the code on the paypal site that that the financial information entered was secure but that the information being entered as I return site would be accessible.
    Is this something that I should be concerned about? Because if I am concerned and it is my site, my assumption is that anyone using the service will have similar issues about using it and putting their details in and so less likely to do so.
    Am I missing a box that needs to be checked?
    Please advise

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