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  • I’m using it, it’s working just fine. Except for a little glitch that I discovered by accident today: doesn’t matter what theme you’re in, if you click on the “home” link in the header you get a reload of my original “default” theme, Quentin from pikemurdy. I’ve looked at source on 30 different sites today, and I can’t see one damn thing different from source on my page from all those. I see some using a different scripting setup, but that’s not germane….

    I absolutely am flummoxed. It was just an accident that I even clicked on the header link….

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  • Ive had the same problem. Likewise on a cat change. Bang. Back to my default.

    Hmmmmmm….. Root, do you think installing Kubrick would “fix” this? If that’s it, then Ryan needs to do some tweaking I think….

    I notice that with your site, I do not have that problem as I have no Quentin on my server but it also does not happen with Sunset, yeah I know I have no header link 🙂

    Okay, wait a sec…. dawg, what do you mean by “no header link”?

    If you click on my header there is no link! Unless you have changed it.

    Ah. On “Sunset” this is true, there is no “header link” – the link to
    P O V is in the horizontal nav.

    And you do not want to know how dumb I really am, I think (or maybe you do….) Anyway, I think it’s the dif between putting the addy as “…opinion/” and “…opinion/index.php”.

    Which if true (and I’ll be in “check mode” tomorrow – too late tonight) will make me feel REALLY stupid, but then again, no knowledge is ever wasted.

    Thats too funny, I do have my own blonde moments, not too often though

    Yah. I CAN laugh at my own idiocies, I promise you…. I’ll report back tomorrow!

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    It’s all about cookies. The theme cookie is set against the Blog Address. If you are visting your site through a URI that is different than your Blog Address, the cookie won’t do it’s thing. The usual cause is a www prefix.

    Nope – no www prefix, Ryan, and thanks for posting. The single dif so far is as described above….

    I’ll do some concerted testing tomorrow after we haul hay in the morning – gotta feed the 4-feets first. I’ll report back as soon as I have something concrete to show…. believe me, at this point it will no doubt be something even an idiot should know (so I’m obviously even DUMBER than that….!)

    Ryan: I had to change this line in each header<a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?> to a straight index.php URL call.

    I haven’t set up but one category really yet, I still have to look to see what happens from there, Root.

    Thanks for that – I am following this closely. I am beginning to see it on other sites now. Nevertheless – in fairness I should add that Ryans device is a very nifty piece of kit, and he has done masses of work on all things themes – which is why we are now having a lot of fun. Bound to be the odd glitch. Cookies are temperamental anyway.

    Yeah – cookies ARE the devil in a lot of ways…. Oh yes, I LOVE the theme-switcher, and have no plans to go away from it!

    Now if I could just uninstall K******…………………

    We’ll work on that, okay? I’m sure there must be a way – it truly makes no sense that I and others have no need for it, but you are required to keep it! Nonsensical, totally illogical….

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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