• So for the past week, everytime I look at my users online it shows me as the only registered user and between 5 and 10 guests. Half of those guests are from Russia and half of those are currently viewing the same page that doesn’t even exist, but did once.

    The topic of my site should be of no interest to 99.999% of Americans, and of completely no interest to anybody overseas. With all of these Russian visitors and so many of these visiting pages that no longer exist, should I assume these are all hackers or other bad people?

    If I’m right to think these are evil doers, what actions should I consider if any? The only thing I can think of is a plugin that locks user accounts after a set number of login attempts. Any other actions I should take, if any at all.


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  • they’re likely spam ‘bots but in either case – install this to keep them from entering site

    It says it should work alongside other spam prevention solutions, so should I keep Akismet and add Bad-Behavior?

    Thank you!

    Thanks. That looks good and I think I’ll install it momentarily, but I should add that I’m not actually receiving any spam at all. Not even one so far, which makes the odd visitors even more odd.

    Is there maybe a solution to block all vistiors that don’t originate from US IP locations? I have no idea how that works, just thinking aloud now.

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    Yes, sharonj, use both 🙂



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    As an aside to this, and just to keep some balance, I don’t think it’s particularly true to suggest that any non-US IPs are hackers.


    I see your point, mrmist. But no one is suggesting that. We all love Russians … Pavel Bure, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Boris Pasternak and my personal favourite, Rasputin. It just happened that the snoopers on his site were Russian. He called them guests. So relax and smile. No one is implying anything about Russians or non US IP’s for that matter.

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    And yet I have TWO posters on a site with .ru addresses, and they make up less than 1% of the fake .ru email addy’d accounts I get. And they’re the ONLY two non-spammers :/ So I get why gopanthers has that reaction. Sadly, I don’t like punishing the good guys, so I don’t do any IP banning except as automated by my firewall LFD.

    Akismet, Bad Behavior, Cookies for Comments are the best bets.

    I don’t like CAPTCHA because it’s not friendly to the disabled.

    Yes, this isn’t specifically against Russian visitors in all cases. If they were all from Japan or England or anywhere else it would still be highly suspect activity based on the fact that I’m absolutely sure that my particular website content would be of absolutely no legitimate interest to anybody who wasn’t already a member of my small, private, US-based, school alumni group. That’s why – in my particular situation – I wouldn’t have any issues with blocking based on geography, just because it wouldn’t affect my small target audience.

    And again, no spam and no damage. I’m just worried about why they’re constantly there all the time, especially on pages that don’t exist anymore but they must have followed an old link from somewhere.

    I will contact you via one of your blogs in regard to the captcha comment. I would like to hear more.

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    sharonj, I’d rather you asked here actually 🙂 I’m sure more people will benefit from it. This is a good article on why I don’t like captcha. http://www.onlineaspect.com/2010/07/02/why-you-should-never-use-a-captcha/

    gopanthers – Honestly I don’t worry about that anymore. If they’re not causing spam trouble, they’re probably just bots. Keep your site up to date and secure, and use Bad Behavior and Akismet and you should be fine.

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