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  • After installing, upon clicking the “Activate” link, WordPress reports this plugin doesn’t have a valid header file.

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  • I don’t think that plugin is being actively maintained any longer. It’s simply not compatible with WordPress 3x.

    I Used WP 3.1.2 Mu, And work.. Maybe..
    BUT I have not embezzled yet.

    admin Panel , Auto install ??

    1: Change Dir
    wp-content/plugins/runphp/runPHP/* –> wp-content/plugins/runPHP/*

    *)EX. Use FTP Soft.

    2: Mu (Network) Panel > Plagin
    runphp ,deactive –> active

    My case..

    *) Deleted
    wp-content/plugins/runPHP/runPHP _draggable.php

    *)Mu (Network) Panel > users > profile
    check On “I can activate or deactivate runPHP on a post”

    I'm having trouble using the require() and include() with the runPHP plugin.
    The error message says that it cannot find the file specified in the runPHP plugin folder.
    I added it in but the message is still there. Any ideas?

    Example ,Try..

    print $$my_text;


    print $my_text;

    I had the same problem, and when I took a look at the plugin files, I noticed that the auto-install had put the “runPHP” folder inside another folder called “runphp.” I compared it to another install that had previously had the plugin installed/running, and realized it should be (your plugin folder)/runPHP/(files), not (your plugin folder)/runphp/runPHP/(files).

    I moved the folder to the appropriate place, activated, and it seems to be working fine. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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