Running WP3.0 Multi User As A Link Wheel For SEO (3 posts)

  1. local conversion
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am investigating methods of driving keyword traffic, by setting up my main site http://www.localconversion.co.uk in the form of a homepage, but with Sub Categories ( rather than subdomains ) optimised for the mass of keywords in the niche.

    Please would anybody reply with their experience and or methods used to take advantage of the Multi-user function of WP3 IE MULTIPLE BLOGS FROM ONE WP INSTALLATION BY USING THE WP SUPER ADMIN

  2. Do you mean subFOLDERS? Those are not the same as sub categories ;)

    I just imported the data (yes, I did converge 2 separate sites into 1 Multisite and THEN one WP install - I haz the crazy!). Wasn't much to it, I used the WP export.import tools.

  3. I don't think multisite is the use-case for this. You'll have different admin areas for each category and you have to post from each admin are for each category.

    Also: it's multisite, not Multi User. WordPressMU is discontinued. Single WP has always had multiple users.

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