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  1. rgrone
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am being hosted by GoDaddy and have Server 2008 at home. I have created a web page when a user logs in or register they do so via an iframe on another web page (I plan on hosting this myself and want to keep the code lightweight).

    I can navigate through all the given urls from the rss.php page that is my starting page for the iframe however, once I attempt a login from that iframe, nothing happens. The web page is an aspx web page. The button seems to be disabled. Like I say I can navigate anywhere via the iframe, in fact if I login in without using the iframe as an admin, and go back to the webpage with the iframe in it, everything works fine.

    It appears to be running just dandy (in fact the only way) on my IIS 7.0 server on the W28K 64-bit platform at home.

    Any ideas?


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