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  • I’m running the latest version of WP and as directed in Codex moved index.php to the root, updated the links as directed in the WP console. Now when I view the site, well take a look the template and side navigation is there but no content. When I log in the content appears. But I want visistors to see my content without having to log in.

    Mike T
    ps. I never found the .htaccess file and am assuming when I logged in the file was recreated…(?)

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  • When I visit that url I see a single post titled “The Gift of Feedback” with an initial paragraph and a link to read the rest of the post. Is this what you’re seeing?

    Yes, once I log in I see that page (the page I hoped wouldl be visible to public) but when I checked the url from a different machine…I got a message something like “the page you are looking for is not here”. The header, footer & nav bar were visible but not article.

    Confused, scratching head.

    Well I can’t keep you from scratching at this point. I am part of ‘public’ and on another machine all together, and apparently see what you intend me to see.

    Perhaps a caching issue on this other PC/browser?

    Curiosity question. I have had a few issues with my other sites when my remote mysql server became momentarily ‘unavailable’. If my WP installtion could not access my remote mysql db would I get an error of this nature?

    Did you try clearing cache and hard-refreshing your browser?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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