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  1. blairg555
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Can WordPress be ran on Windows 64-bit server? We are having issues with standard url of /blog running on this server. It's Windows 2008 standard edition. Will installing apache or php5 on server do the trick?

  2. Kevin Cristiano
    Posted 5 years ago #

    You can run WordPress on a Windows 64 bit server. You can use IIS or Apache. If you are not able to use at least IIS 7, I recommend apache.

    In either case you will need the correct build of php. For IIS you can use the VC9 php build, for apache you must use the VC6 buid. check here for the php builds

    If you are having issues with the url and you are using IIS and not using default permalinks, make sure you have the url rewrite module installed. link to download site . You will also need to make certain that on IIS the application pool is set to allow 32bit processes.

    If this does not point you in the right direction, please give us more details about the errors.

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