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    I have installed wordpress on my personal webspace on my schools server. The school has support for and runs a php server so when I go to my website it redirects me to the php one (whose files are linked with my website). I installed all the files for wordpress into the websites folder and get the wordpress error page that says my wp-config file isn’t setup correctly…ok I know that. When I start configuring it through that screen I don’t know where to direct it to find the database. My school doesn’t have a dedicated database server (though its in the works) and I believe that leaves me needing to use SQLite. Problem is I’m a little unfamiliar with what SQLite does and how exactly it works, as well as were to put the files for it (and even what files to use). I tried doing some research on it but its getting a little above my head. Am I correct in assuming SQLite is what I need to use? The schools php server does support mySQL script, but I’m just getting lost on how to translate that into a database. Any help is much appreciated.

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  • whooami



    Am I correct in assuming SQLite is what I need to use?

    No, youre not. wordpress, downloaded from here, requires MySQL — JUST like it says in the documentation.

    use google, and you will find that there’s some fork of wordpress that works with sqlite.



    Ok, tried using the pdo plugin which got me to the beginning installation screen that asks for the blog name and email address, after clicking next it gives me this…

    Queries made or created this session were

    [long code moderated]


    i’m the author of the PDO for wordpress plugin. please feel free to contact me at the site and i’ll do my best to assist you.

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