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  • Hi,

    I have WordPress installation running on two web servers (Nginx). There is unidirectional synchronization from server A to server B and I’m using lsyncd for this purpose.

    I’m not sure how to solve the problem with access to admin back-end. My initial idea was to create rewrite rule on the web servers as follow: to on both web servers – however the problem is that WordPress can be access it only with the main domain (

    Is there any other solution fr this?


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    Are they both multisites, or are you just trying to sync WP between two servers?

    I’m trying to sync WP between two web servers.

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    Multisite is a specific function of WordPress, used when you run multiple instances from one install of WP (see )

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    I would guess that there is a way to achieve this.

    When one sets up network (multisite) WordPress with the sunrise Domain Mapping plugin, it is possible to have the site on one domain (the pretty url) and the admin on the multisite’s domain ( – assumin subdomain setup).

    So I would think it would be possible to set site_url to , and use hooks to make sure visitors and page content points at the public www name.


    Thanks for reply.

    BTW do you know of multi-site setup has any impact on the performance. I’m wondering if it’s better to have separate WP installations or multi-site in terms of performance?


    I’d think WP-MU it’s better in performance at least in the use of resources of your server, since you don’t need to have a lot of duplicated copies of wp-admin, themes and plugins you use in more than one site. You can handle as super-admin which themes and plugins admins of sub-sites have access.

    I’ve reduced literally thousands of duplicated files just by merging old individual sites into just one multisite network. Even the load of my server it’s decreasing noticeably.

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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