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  • Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    I’m confused, what is happening exactly?

    when i run wp-migrate to generate the new sql file for migration, instead of creating the file i needed, it triggers the borwser to download the wp-login.php file.

    this was happening on a client hosted on hostgator.
    it also happened a week later on a client hosted on a IIS server.

    normally wp-migrate-db works like a champ, but for some reason in certain cases it doesn’t generate the files and rather spits out the login php file as a download instead, even though you have to already be logged in in order to run wp-migrate-db.

    does that make sense?

    Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    Yep, I understand now but it’s very strange. Maybe you can tell me what other plugins those two sites had in common? It’s possible something in another plugin is conflicting.

    they both only use the image-widget and the wysiwyg-text widgets. neither has any other plugins, they are both pretty basic sites.

    maybe an incompatibility with wp-migrate-db and certain server configurations?

    sorry i wish i had more info about a possible cause, i know this bug report isn’t a lot of help without more info or a way to reproduce. Has anyone else reported this issue?

    Both these sites are already moved from those locations to new locations, which is why i was trying to use your plugin, or else i’d try and get you access info.

    Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    Yea, could be a server config issue. Maybe if you tried migrating those sites from their current location it would give us an idea if it was the previous server config?

    No one else has reported this issue, so it’s quite the mystery.

    Hi Brad,

    I just wanted to post back that I figured out the issue.

    The file download is passed through a php file instead being a direct download. For some reason the way the php file checks the admin login cookie it doesn’t work with several of the major download managers for firefox even though they pass the same cookie.

    Confirmed not working through: FlashGot, DownThemAll, Leech…probably most.

    If you disable the download manager, you no longer download the wp-login.php file itself.

    Hope that helps.



    Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    Thanks for debugging this Josh. I’ll add this to the FAQ in the next release:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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