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  • I have a current site up (without wordpress) that has index.php as the default. I want to install wordpress and work on it as a test site in the root. The problem is, wordpress runs using index.php. So if change that, the default page will load (in wp), but not the other pages.

    My questions is, if I change the wordpress index.php to index_test.php, how do I get the rest of the site to work?

    Or is there any easier way? Basically I want to run the existing site and the test wordpress site in the root, and then simply rename my test file… index.php when I’m ready to go live.

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  • to index_test.php, how do I get the rest of the site to work?
    You will not get it to work.
    Why don’t you install it in a subfolder until your are learning it?

    Ok if I install it in a sub directory… is it an easy transition to pull everything in the root and remove the sub directory? Is there easy documentation on how to do this?

    Sure. Moving_WordPress covers many scenarios.
    THere’s also Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory which is a slightly different approach.

    Awesome, I appreciate it. My last question is… is there an easier way (with a plugin) to change all the directory locations to images for example? Lets say I’m using a test platform locally, or online and I move the directory. All the paths to images wouldn’t match up. So I’m wondering if there is some plugin to dynamically put the path in wordpress to the images? Or should I just use a PHP plugin and pull the path that way to the images?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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