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  • Here’s a weird thing…
    We created a lovely website for a client and they want to be able to log in to the admin area to edit some for the pages every now and then. Now, from my Mac, I can easily and swiftly access the admin area and make changes without any trouble at all. BUT, the client (located in another part of the world, geographically), can often not enter the admin area, despite swearing he checks and double-checks the user details. When he does manage to log in, the ‘Edit’ facility of a page takes an age to load and often just times out. It doesn’t seem to be a local speed thing as he browses other Internet sites fine. He’s on a PC, running Windows XP. He’s tried Explorer and Firefox.
    Here’s the site. I’m at a loss as to what is happening… Any ideas?

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    That sounds like a local network issue at your client’s end.

    That was my thought originally too… but they’re doing online banking and browsing large sites like Amazon with no apparent speed issues… Just doesn’t make any sense.



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    Since it’s obviously not a WordPress issue, it has to be a networking problem. I would suggest that they contact their ISP about it.

    Thanks Esme. How can I prove it’s their end though? There’s nothing that would cause this to be a WP issue?



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    There’s nothing that would cause this to be a WP issue?

    No. Generally speaking WP either works or it doesn’t. It simply cannot work well with one computer and poorly with another. The scenario you describe is typical of a localised network problem.

    Ok, thanks.

    Still have this issue – client sees terrible loading speeds (10 mins plus sometimes) and cannot edit through the dashboard as it is so slow. Other Internet sites they use are fine, speed-wise, including other wordpress websites.
    They’re getting pretty annnoyed now. They’ve already replaced their router in an attempt to solve the issue.
    Any more specific ideas would be great – has anyone else encountered this issue?
    Thanks in advance.

    They need to update their windows or atleast re install browser. Hope this will help.

    Websoft, [link removed]

    @hanan_qureshi – please be sure you are familiar with the forum guidelines about posting links to your site or signatures –


    – have they tried from another computer and/or different ISP? i.e. using a phone or a laptop from another location?

    Thanks @hanan_qureshi – I had them install another browser (firefox – they mainly were using IE) but they didn’t seem to be able to use it and saw no improvement. They’re on a fairly recent version of Windows if I remember rightly. The weirdest thing is the fact that it’s only this WP site – no others behave slowly.

    Thanks also @wpyogi – I’ve tried from different location with different IP, ISP and devices (plural). Not seeing such dire speed issues.

    I’ve now increased the PHP memory limit for the server, gripped the site and am compressing the images with Will see if that helps…

    Any other suggestions still welcome.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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