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  • Hi all,

    I am new to WordPress but finding my way around slowly. I am trying to make a website that runners can register for a running race so that it requests their name, address, plus running club details etc and then issues them with a race number if there are places left. The race gets about 5000 hits in the first two hours of opening usually. They will have to pay too.

    I have written same basic php scripts that handle a registration but I have a couple of questions:

    1 – Is creating a new table in the mysql database the right thing to do?
    2 – am sure they must be a plugin out there that might handle all this. I have seen the Custom Login pluggin but I don’t want to buy it until I know it will do the job.
    3 – Will mysql through WordPress handle this kind of hit rate.

    Any help much/advice appreciated.


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  • There are numerous event registration plugins out there that handle everything from generating forms, to gathering whatever data you need, to payments — if you’ve already written part of what you need, that may be too much, but you may still want to look at them for a model of how they handle their data.

    As for scaling, there’s nothing in WordPress or MySQL that can’t handle several thousand hits (or many, many more!), but the server can be a weak point.

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