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  • Is there a way to run PHP in my pages/posts in 1.5? I know that there’s a plug in, but it doesn’t work for 1.5… :/

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  • runPHP works with 1.5 but not with pages.

    I asked how do I make it run in Pages but they are too lazy to
    Emphasized by moderator.

    [Moderator comments: The last part of this part was going to be deleted, but it warrants a reply. This is a board supported by volunteers. NOBODY gets anything from helping out. This kind of remark will not be tolerated in any form by those volunteers.]

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    “but they are too lazy to answer”

    For me XeroCool, you just put yourself firmly in the “To be completely ignored regardless of the question” box.

    And if you cannot figure that out ……………

    I used the runphp plugin from here: and it works with pages on my (1.5a6) test blog.

    It works for me on 1.5a as well, however, it appears to mess with my search functionalities. Some search results won’t return results, just a blank page. Anybody else experiencing this?


    What are you thinking saying something like that? I’ve seen people on these forums bend over backwards to help you when it’s obvious you are too lazy to help yourself, and you come up with a garbage comment like that?

    /ignore XeroCool.

    If you are just wanting to run PHP for a few unique pages then you could just forgo the runPHP plugin and just use a different page template with the appropriate PHP code already embeded within it and then leave the content for the page blank. This will probably only work if you are doing certain kinds of things so I’m not sure it if help you out in this case but its worth trying if your needs are applicable to this method.

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    You should set up a new template file, add the desired php code to that one and use it as the template for your page.

    This is how i set up my plug-ins page >> which runs the “plug-ins used” plug-in (which is written in PHP, of course). Got the hint here in the forum.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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