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  • So is this plugin Multisite compatible? Do I just network activate? Or Can I activate on individual sites? Also, does it cache the database for admin-queries (eg. loading admin area pages, editing posts, etc)?

    Finally, could/does it work alongside WP SuperCache?

    Here’s my problem: sites on my network that’re cached by WP SC load quickly and work great… until you login. Because I have caching turned-off for known users (so we can make/see updates, etc) everything slows way down when I login. The admin is especially slow, with a long pause that’s a couple beats, before loading any of the admin. Once it starts loading, it’s quick, but there’s just this annoying pause.

    I suspect that it’s all about the database, and the server load required in accessing it. If I could run this plugin and have it cache the database (admin and front-end) for logged-in users, while still serving WP SuperCache pages to non-logged-in users, that would be awesome.

    I also run WooCommerce on some of the sites, and can’t seem to make it and WP SuperCache play nicely. So caching is just disabled on any sites with WooCommerce. If I could at least use DB caching on those sites, that would be way cool.

    Tell me there’s hope….

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