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  • I’ve had a client (a service organization) approach me hoping to build a network of sites – so that each of their chapters can have their own site through them.

    What they’re hoping to do is create for their primary site (and the logins etc) and then have each of the chapters be at I’ve tried to convince them to just do the subdomain thing (, but they’re pretty adamant.

    My backup plan here is 2 installs: one on and one at, but thought I’d see if anyone knows if it’s possible to do it the way they want first.


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  • I have the same problem.
    I need to create a main page, and sub domains, but I need that, they use the same database. Also I have setup networks, and my wordpress admin panel shows both, the main site and sub domain site, but the sub domain site is empty.
    And I don’t know, if I had to install one more wordpress installation on sub domain site, or what to do.

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