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    My name is Casey and I recently needed to build a site that used forms to fill out inspection sheets. This was fine and well, but in the field, users do not always have access to the internet to access the site. Is there a way of giving each employee a Raspberry Pi 4, and running the website that hosts the inspection forms both locally on the slew of Pi’s as well as the server the site is running on currently? It would need to sync as soon as the Pi received connection once again so that the form would submit. The other thing I would like to do is: If the offline mode is possible with a raspberry pi, I would like to add a portion of the site that tells a user where to go inside of a building (indoor map). The route taken would ALWAYS be the same for that building, as it takes the user in order to the things that need an inspection. Would this be possible with the offline mode? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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    WP runs server side, so offline it’s little more than a static web page. The only interactivity possible is via JavaScript and local resources within the browser. Access to other machine resources like its internet connection are not possible.

    You’re better off with a separate local app that queues entered data when a connection is unavailable. When available, data can be sent to WP via its REST API.

    Assuming the indoor maps are static images, which unlike moving maps can be used offline, you’d still need to download the appropriate image files while connected. While connected, it’s feasible to get specific files based on device location data, but if the user wanders about without gaining a connection other maps will not be available unless they’re all downloaded ahead of time.

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