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  • I have been looking to possibly use BuddyPress / WordPress to create what I need but from research I have done I cannot find the answer I need.

    What I want to create is a social network so to speak but where all the users that join have the exact same editable page. In other words maybe name / about etc. Similar to Facebook in a way where only they can edit certain areas / upload photos & videos. I also need them to have a free account or option to get a premium account which allows them to sell once again in a specific area on their page. For example maybe its .PDFS they sell for anything. Free account its free and premium would allow them to sell that .PDF for an amount.

    So its like an Social Etsy store but they have to sell .PDFS in the same category no freedom etc. It would be basically a facebook but on your facebook page it would be specific to like “hunting” and I have a section where I can sell my hunting tips.

    If I need to explain more I can! Thanks for your help greatly!

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  • So… this is possible, but VERY HARD. You’re going to need an on-hand WordPress Developer, with experience, to build this, because it’s a lot of custom work.

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