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    I must say that I’m rather confused right now. I paid a guy to design a nice site design, paid another guy to code it, and now I have an awesome WordPress theme – only problem is I’m trying to think up how I can set it up for a website network.

    I own a large gaming-related network, there are about 8 different .com domains associated with the network. Each .com is its own site devoted to a particular game.

    Now I suppose I could run 8 installations of WordPress, but honestly that doesn’t sound efficient at all. Is there any other way that I could run all 8 sites in one copy of WordPress all using the same theme and the “main site” or network hub showing the news from each individual site?

    Any help/suggestions/tips/advice would REALLY be appreciated.

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  • You *might* be able to do something like this using different table prefixes in the database. I’ve never tried anything like this, since the dozen or so blogs I have all have different themes, raisons d’etre, etc. I do know that you can have many different table prefixes under one database, so that might be the place to start.

    There’s a Codex article here on multiple blogs/installs:


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    Thanks vkaryl, so besides that page there’s nothing else you might have in mind?

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    Hmm, well I guess that one might be a possability. However, it appears it runs off of 2 different directories.

    I found something called WordPress MU, would that help me with what I’m looking for, or is that something totally different.

    Is there any way I can run 2 seperate sites/blogs using one dashboard? (One copy of WordPress/One directory, etc.)

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    Sorry, not trying to bump or anything.

    Just seeking if anyone else has any additional advice for me to offer. Thanks in advance, many thanks.

    WordPressMU is intended as a solution to host blog sites like wordpress.com – to run your own blogging “community”, so to speak. You would still have to manage eight individual blogs, and due to the scale it is less flexible than the regular version.

    Maybe you should look into blog clients to handle your posting: http://codex.wordpress.org/Weblog_Client

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    I will look into that, thanks.

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    How about Lyceum, or is that virtually the same thing? There’s a whole list of things here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_Multiple_Blogs – but I’m not sure which to to try.

    Does any one of them on that list allow you to basically manage ALL blogs from ONE interface? Because from what I’m seeing most of them are just seperatel

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    So do any of them allow you to manage ALL OF YOU BLOGS from JUST ONE interface? Just curious..

    If you can use wordpress MU, then I think this is possible. Otherwise, no, AFAIK.

    This is in theory, I haven’t tried it. I’ll try to explain.

    The “table prefix” is hard coded into the config file.

    Why couldn’t someone do the following?

    1) Set up wordpress as usual. Tweak it, set permalinks, and all that jazz.
    Let’s say the table prefix for this is “site1__”

    2) Next, duplicate the entire tables for “site1__”, but change the table prefix to “site2__”

    3) Edit the db, to change the links to the index and files. (WordPress address and Blog address)

    No need to edit the site title yet, the links would be what matters.

    4) Repeat for additional sites, changing the table prefix and editing accordingly.

    5) Edit the config file.

    Use a check of the url, probably a stristr(), in a sequence of if/elseif logic.

    Something like if stristr(url, domain)) $MyTablePrefix = site_1

    Then, where the table prefix is normally hard coded into the config file, just stick the table prefix variable in there.

    Then anytime the config file is loaded, aka: every page load, it would use the table for the site that is related to the domain.

    Couldn’t swap between domains in the admin, because the users would be different and so would the domain, etc.

    That’s the basic idea, I suppose. Although, I haven’t tried it out and I’m sure it would need refined a tick.

    Thinking about it, I just might have to give it a go. I’ve got a couple domains sitting around with nothing to do.

    Hiya Luke – if you play with it and it works, please let us know. If you play with it and it doesn’t work, please let us know.


    Wow, if that wasn’t a wide open door…

    I think I will give it a go. Might take an evening or two, but I really don’t see why it couldn’t logically work.

    Granted, anytime you would add a site you would need to edit the config file duplicate the tables. But, there wouldn’t need to be any hacking of actual core files. And since they tell you to never overwrite the config file, it isn’t too big of an issue.

    Great. Now I’m curious, and it won’t go away until I know.

    *laughing* Heh. Been there done that. Nice to see there’s someone else like that out there.

    Yeah. I’m really bad about it too.

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