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  • I’m considering installing the 2.5 Beta on my site in a ‘beta’ folder for further testing, alongside the current 2.3.3 install. (so if 2.3.3 is under “blog” then 2.5 would be installed under “blog-beta” to keep it separate). They’d be running off of the same wordpress database and would use the same folder for uploads to keep images in sync.

    Bad idea?

    Does WordPress 2.5 change the database structure?

    Will it break 2.3.3?

    Should I wait for 2.5 final?

    Am I begging for pain?


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  • This is uninformed, but I’m pretty sure 2.5 will update the database. Why not just copy your current database and then update the copy. That way you still have content to play with and if you really want to keep them both up-to-date, you could just post to both individually, until the 2.5 final release comes out.

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