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  • kelz


    My current site provider is running wordpress 2.3.1 and i been trying to upgrade it. however nothing seems to be working. do you have any suggestions

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  • MichaelH


    Who is your host?

    What problems are you having?

    Also might consider upgrading from 2.3.1 to 2.5, then to 2.7.

    See Upgrading WordPress Extended



    verio is the provider. They have a wordpress easy setup on the site however it loads 2.3.1. When i try upgrading notheing happens. i upload the files into the wordpress 2.3.1 folder but when i log into wordpress it continues to show PLease update now



    You may be uploading files to the wrong folder.

    Please review Uploading WordPress to a remote host and Upgrading WordPress (or Upgrading WordPress Extended).

    I’m gonna bump this thread because I have the same problem and I’m not finding the answer.

    I have a stock 2.3.1install from Verio, and the theme I bought doesnt even register as avaliable so I need to upgrade it.

    I made a new config php from the sample using the same database values from the old one. (I did miss the part about disabling plugins though)

    My stock installation had a wordpress folder and then a wordpress 2.3.1 folder alongside it.

    In any case, I backed up everytying then deleted BOTH folders and dropped the newest version in, then dropped in the updated config.php

    all of these folders were in a file called etc. on my FTP server. Under the www/htdocs/ there is another wordpress folder that looks like it just points to the files in etc – but I dont know how to download or edit that file.

    What is wierd though – is that my admin panel still works as does the site (albeit with the stock theme) and it still thinks that it’s 2.3.1 even those files are now gone…

    I’m a winemaker – not a codie so any help you can render would be invalueable.


    Try going to

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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