• The irony of calling the product “Awesome Support” is almost comical. I was a loyal customer for more than a year and literally bought everything they sell. The product was “ok” at best and they were always fairly slow, in my opinion, in tackling bugs and customer support tickets. Our needs changed and we no longer needed internal support so we moved away from the product. Inadvertently we allowed the licenses we had to auto-renew but within a few days we caught it and explained the situation and asked for a refund. Instead of seeing that we made a simple mistake (missed the cancel date by only a few days) and were not using the product any longer (not installed), they refused to give us a refund and kept about $800 in fees. Wow, they must be hurting for cash or just have black hearts to value the money more than the goodwill of an otherwise faithful client. I would not encourage even an enemy to do business with this company. The product is just “ok” but the service is terrible. Run and find a better company. We had a much better client experience with Support Candy before coming to Awesome Support.

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    I apologize for this experience, but, first of all, let me clarify that we don’t offer bad support and we work every day to offer as best as possible for each of our users. We clearly state in our terms and conditions that we cannot issue refunds for automatic renewals and You checked and agreed to our terms before canceling. Your attitude to us changed because we rejected the refund. We are clear, our information is clear, and our support forum shows years of experience and effort in Support. I apologize if we cannot grant a refund, but this is in our terms and conditions, and we even send emails with warnings before renewals. For future users, please check our terms and conditions.

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