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    First of all, thanks so much for the plugin…if I can get it to work correctly, it will save me a huge amount of time and hassle…I’m sure you hear that a lot.

    Please pardon the simplistic question, but I was not able to find the answer anywhere.

    How or where do I run the Set regular price or Set sale price bulk variation activities?

    In other words…

    Let us say that I have created all the variations on a product, and now I wish to change the markup for certain attributes but not all of them.

    If the variations already exist, do I have to regenerate all the variations again, or is there a way to update selectively?

    I hope my meaning is clear

    Many thanks,


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  • Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    ‘Set regular price’ and ‘Set sale price’ are WooCommerce functions that are used to set the prices on variable products. They appear in the drop-down box on the [Variations] tab of a variable product. I’m sure you must have used them when you originally created the variations.

    To set the new prices, you do not have to recreate all the variations. But there’s a couple of important caveats. First, make sure you are using “global attributes” (see And second, ensure that you’ve added the markup to the terms for the attribute — for instance, on the Product -> Attributes page, ensure term ‘Blue’ under attribute ‘Color’ shows “+5.00” if it is your intention to charge $5.00 more for blue.

    Providing that you’ve done these things, then all you need to do is run the ‘Set regular price’ function again using the price you origianlly set.

    Does that help?

    Yes it does help…thank you so much, Mark!

    Which of course leads me to me next question….

    Is there a way to hide the markup amount on the front end in the drop down…

    So that the calculation just appears in the price field…without it appearing in parentheses next to the option?

    I hope my meaning is clear….

    Thanks in advance…and thank you again!


    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    No, there is not.

    I hadn’t intended on doing any upgrades for a while. But this is an obvious feature and I think I should work it into the Settings page right away.

    I hope you are willing to tolerate having the markup display in the drop-down for a couple weeks. I’m going to scope out the work this afternoon and I suspect I should have a release that incorporates this before 8/24/2018.

    Um, WOW Mark – you are truly a wonder!

    Considering I didn’t pay you one red cent for this plugin, I’m very impressed by your responsiveness!

    Sure – I’ll be happy to see it whenever it becomes available.

    When I upgrade to the next version, my prices will remain the same, yes – it will just be a change on the settings page – correct?

    All the best,


    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson



    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    This was easier to add than I estimated. It seemed natural to tie removing the markup from the drop-down to the currency symbol display option. So now on the Settings page, you will see —

    Should Markup-by-Attribute add the markup to the options drop-down box, and should the currency symbol be displayed?
    o Do NOT show the markup in the options drop-down box.
    o Show the markup WITH the currency symbol in the options drop-down box.
    o Show the markup WITHOUT the currency symbol in the options drop-down box.

    Options that were set in previous versions of the plugin will be retained.

    Look for version 2.3 either Thursday or Friday (depending on how regression testing goes).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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