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  • I have several blogs that I would like to run using 1 WP install. Blog1 is already up and running. I would like to start Blog2 and Blog3. I’ve read lots in this forum about running multi-blogs, even tried WP-Hive & Stephen Rider’s Virtual Multiblog but couldn’t get either to work. Both shut down my existing blog. I’m sure the error was on my part but I just couldn’t get either to work.

    It’s been suggested that I try WPMU but others have said that this app is only for those who are willing to spend time learning code & maintaining a blog farm. I am really only looking for a simple way to maintain several blogs.

    Any suggestions, feedback, pointers to achieve this? Should I just give up and run each blog using a seperate install of WP?

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  • Do you want all blogs to look the same and have same content?
    If not – I suppose separate installs

    Each blog would have different content and a different look. I’d like to avoid a seperate WP install though as it takes more to maintain and it’s just cleaner to have one install and run all blogs from that.

    Andrea Rennick


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    Honestly, you may find WPMU easier to work with and manage, but it’s overkill for a handful of blogs.

    It can be harder to setup than either of the multi-blog things you’ve tried, and you would have to reinstall your main blog. It’s a seperate program, not something to hook into WP.

    Should I just give up and run each blog using a seperate install of WP?

    If it’s just a few, I would run separate wp installs. You will spend more time trying to patch something together to run them all with one install (and then maintaining that) than you will maintaining separate installs. With the auto upgrade feature, auto plugin install, and auto theme install coming in 2.8, it’s really simple to manage multiple installs…the only drawback in duplicate code, but since the wp code is around 2mb, that’s not even an issue.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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