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  1. forhuntersbyhunters
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have my original site that is now hosted( a blog) on a domain. I also have other sites setup as subdomains.
    To run WPMU you must configure */ wildcards.
    Since my site is the root I am unable to execute any install.php commands to install mods to my phpbb3 forum , my dolphin site etc. The sites are all tied together with bridges for single sign in.
    Is thee a way to exectute a file path or some simple htaccess code to force install to a certain folder?
    My dolphin site is actually on a sub directory (required for the bridges to work)
    Please advise- I would like to add OpenInviter to my network (which would migrate users across all sites) but am unable to install it (no WPMU plugin available either that I could find)

  2. Who in the what now?

    You can TOTALLY have named subdomains AND wildcard on the same domain. Just add * as a wildcard, and when you have a named subdomain, define it. That works fine :)

  3. forhuntersbyhunters
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am not sure what you are smoking but it is more complicated then just MU
    I cannot "totally" name sub domains- this is a more complicated network that you describe.
    Please advise an option or if
    There has got to be an htaccess option to code install.php

  4. What install.php?

    That's not part of WordPress, hence my confusion as to what this has to do WITH WP :)

    You can use named and wildcard subdomains in the same setup, WordPress or not. This is just basic httpd.conf shuffling. Put the named above the wildcard :) I do it all the time, works like gangbusters. cPanel generally fixes it for you out of the box, though I know some people have issues with plesk.

    If you have *.domain.com pointing to /public_html/ and then foobar.domain.com pointing to /public_html/foobar/, then you go to foobar.domain.com/install.php to run whatever that is.

    I have no idea how you've installed phpbb (as you've said nothing other than you're trying to use it), so I'm guessing here that you have forums.domain.com or something. That's fine. Just make sure you add 'forums' as a reserved blog name in your MultiSite setup.

    To run WPMU you must configure */ wildcards.

    To this, no. You can use SubFolders (so domain.com/sitename). EVEN THOUGH it'll say 'Oh no! More than x weeks old! Subdomains for you!' it's possible to switch. Just BEFORE you make any subsites, go and flip the 'subdomains' from true to false in your wp-config.php :)

  5. forhuntersbyhunters
    Posted 4 years ago #


    My phpbb3 forum is sub.domain.com
    With wild card, it won't let me run a file sub.domain.com/install.php - it keeps going to domain./othersite
    I have a dolphin site in a folder vs a subdomain.
    I was able to execute the file oddly though, I don't know what the mix up was at first but it is resolved.

  6. Probably your server caching the subdomain names. I've noticed with wildcard subdomains it can take an hour or so for everything to decide it's going to behave nicely. Took a day on another server, and a reboot.

  7. forhuntersbyhunters
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I think you are right- I am running into this type of problem over and over again- thanks. My lack of patience can create problems!

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