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  • Hello, I’ve created a free account for GT metrix, entered credentials and started the GT metrix test in the back end, but it always ends up looping forever and not returning any result.

    Please advice, thanks.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Afternoon domisol;
    Can you check the browser console for JavaScript errors?


    THank you, I’ve checked, it’s all right:

    Maybe I should say that I am hosted on SiteGround with cache and CloudFlare CDN ?

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    ok, some follow-up questions;
    * in your browser’s network tab, do you see XHR request going to your server?
    * are you using SG optimizer and in there is JS optimization active? if so, can you try without?

    Sorry, I can’t see to see the XHR request, but I’m not sure how should I see it.

    The Chrome inspector is opened in the back end, and when I start the test nothing comes up in the network tab of the inspector but a few ajax calls:

    About the JS optimization, it was on, I’ve turned it off, but nothing changed.

    Every test actually subtracts one GT credit, everytime I try, but still don’t go any further and results in endless loop.


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    XHR = Ajax = admin-ajax.php 🙂

    so I see warnings about “slow internet connection”, timeouts and even “Internet disconnected” for some of the request listed there, so might explain why the GTMetrix results aren’t getting through either.

    Same problem here. I can directly access their site and run tests without issue, but it fails when attempting to run the test using the API code and WP plugin.

    This site is hosted by InMotion and there is no evidence I can find of problems with dropped or slow connection speeds.

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    @popvid; can you open the “network” view in your browser’s developer tools and check for admin-ajax.php requests; do you see them while the wizard is runnning? are they HTTP 200 (i.e. OK) or HTTP 50* (not OK)? do you see any info when clicking on said admin-ajax.php requests? and on a server level; can you check your php errorlog for (relevant) errors?

    My apologies. I thought I had linked an image yesterday, but it appears I goofed. Here’s a link:

    Will check the PHP log.


    Ok, checked everything again and the test successfully ran.

    It may have been an intermittent problem with GTmetrix yesterday during the ~ one hour I attempted to run the test. Also, don’t know if it made any difference, but I had manually engaged the async setting yesterday, but didn’t attempt to repeat the test until now.

    Whatever the reason, the test worked and the plugin definitely made a difference. Many thanks!

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    happy it works @popvid, you’re welcome, feel free to leave a review of the plugin and support here! 🙂



    I’m having the same problem with this – GTMetrix Test in the Wizard hanging.

    To be honest, all the suggestion/explanations Frank kindly provided made no sense to me, so I might be considered a liability in this respect, as I’m pretty new to this.

    Could the possible issues already mentioned be put in lamen’s terms for a newbie?

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    well, the browser tries to communicate with your server which tries to communicate with gtmetrix and somewhere in that line of communication something breaks; this, I’m afraid, is very hard to troubleshoot (and pretty technical).




    ditto here, on Firefox; is this what you are after: ?



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    no helpful info in there I’m afraid, can you check if your PHP errorlog has any relevant info?

    @optimizingmatters because I’m using Cloudflare, at one point i got a 504 on admin-ajax.php because this runs for so long.

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