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  • So, to get this to pile of drivel activated, you have to open your site to other sites, making it more vulnerable.

    You have no choice BUT to opt in on something you won’t want, and STILL you can’t put in the right codes for your license you are stuck paying again.

    Worst support. Worst design. Horrible implementation.

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  • Hi warbarprime, we are sorry about the troubles and for the absence on replying. We are on europe so when you tried to reach us for us was 2 AM and for us are not working hours.

    Anyway as I said in the support thread I am moving the discussion by email because you need assistance moving a license with a disclousure of personal data and also you a re a PRO user and we have our ticket system for you.

    About the open your site to others I think that you mean the Freemius service that we use to sell licenses, indeed is an external service but you can manage everything inside your website because do all the communications server side.

    When you install the plugin is asked if you want to share the information, we are using the service that open up this window for enable this permission and let us to release a pro version.
    We use it like a lot of other people that works with wordpress like WP Security Audit log plugin (that explain what data are shared).

    Also what is for you difficult to manage? We can discuss with Freemius to understand if there are issues on moving a license or managing it, or use our plugin that are 2 differents areas.

    We are a tiny web agency (that is growing) and we want to improve the customer care and also the features. As example after your email (and thread we created a new doc page about how to move a license

    As I already said by email for PRO users we have a dedicated support ticket system that you didn’t use.
    We need to improve overall (like everyone) but this doesn’t mean that everything we are doing “is pathetic”, as you can see from the other reviews and installations numbers this is not true.

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    @warbearprime I’ve flagged your account temporarily. That just means that your post will need to be approved and @ notifications from you will not work.

    The tag “Utter crap” went too far. I’m also closing this review from further comments as you’ve said your part, the author replied and that’s all there is to talk about.

    Edit: I’ve also archived your personal attack. Don’t do that.

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