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  1. su1
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    Hi everybody,

    my problem is, I would like to automatize a task I regularly do:

    - open a local WordPress install in Firefox
    - access to the settings of a plugin in this WordPress install
    - change the settings of this plugin (through a drop-down list and a text field)
    - run this plugin, which is a custom plugin that will automatically add images to my posts for a few minutes and will then stop automatically.

    I need to do this for multiple local WordPress sites, and with different plugin settings, so I'd like to integrate that in a small bash script (or other language).

    First I thought I could create iMacros for firefox that I would launch from my bash script. The problem is that I must be able to pass variables to my iMacro (the name of the WordPress site to access, and the settings for the plugin), but I don't think it's possible to do that with iMacro from what I've seen.

    I also wanted to use elinks. But 1/ it doesn't seem to be able to run my PHP script (nothing happens when I launch that script from elinks) and 2/ I don't think it's possible to tell elinks via command line: click this link, fill in this form, etc...

    There is probably a solution or language to do this that I don't know, so I'm asking for your help here! Any help will be appreciated.

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