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  • Hi there,

    fellow wordpress folks… I have just released the latest version of my RumGallery plugin, i havent made all the features i wanted in this release, my time and concentration lies elsewhere at the moment, but last night i nailed down the most importent ones…

    Sort order, batch upload/import, saving original picture, new wp-style theming support…

    Read all about this totally exciting plugin 😉

    Thanks to all the people who made suggestions… keep em’ coming guys, and i Ill keep making ’em 🙂

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  • KoenVanmeerbeek



    Got RumGallery working (after some hours of trying lots of thinsg I finally discovered the gallery link under the “manage button…)

    But I keep getting errors with file permissions… Can you give me a clue about how to set these?





    For example, I always get:
    DIRimporting /home/osc/blog/wp-content/ftp-gallery//test/koen.banner.jpg to ../wp-content/gallery/test/koen.banner.jpg
    Couldnt create .thumbs directory…



    To be more specific:
    1) “ftp-gallery” directory is owned by me as I created it manually
    2) “gallery” directory is owned by apache (since it was created by a php script)

    For some weird reason I get an error “Couldnt create .thumbs directory…”. (Even though the gallery directory is owned by apache as mentioned above) The most weird thing is that a .thumbs directory IS created!!!

    Any suggestions?



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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