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  • I was trying to use his plugin “Advanced Ajax Page Loader”, and I emailed him on his site and said I thought his documentation was lacking as I couldn’t understand it (I’m a WP use, not a coder or I guess I’m a “people like you”). And this is the type of response I get. Very Unprofessional:

    Dean Williams <[mod: personal details moderated for privacy]
    om> to [mod: personal details moderated for privacy]

    [pressed send by mistake]
    And I spend an even greater amount of time helping people get this plugin working, for nothing. Not that I’m complaining. Just you should look before jumping to conclusions.

    What is your problem?


    [mod: personal details moderated for privacy]

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    On 9 May 2012 17:01, Dean Williams <[mod: personal details moderated for privacy]
    > wrote:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but the plugin page on the WordPress site (which is also shown when you install the plugin) gives you some common problems and solutions.

    And now there is an admin panel, much of the stuff is handled for you – in there if you look at the reload code and click code inputs you will see an external link to some example codes already collected from various people and shared for your convenience:

    Also if you explain your problem on the WordPress plug-ins page (first link I just gave you) (which is also shown on the admin panel!!) I’m a really quick responder and very helpful towards anyone’s problems.

    However due to the nature of the plugin, it will always need allot of custom coding / trial and error to get working completely with all the custom JavaScript you may have on the page, thats not even starting on the fact everyone uses different/custom themes!.

    This has really angered me as I do spend a HUGE amount of my time explaining to people like you stuff that is already there in front of your faces.


    [mod: personal details moderated for privacy]

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    In the first instance you should have started a topic on the forum where either the developer or a peer user could have helped you. Also your should first read all the available documentation that is available for the plugin including any readme files, all of the text on the plugin page on, any forum topics that might be relevant and any information the author has posted about the plugin on own site.

    A simple rule of thumb for getting support for free software should be: unless you have already been invited to contact them directly, do not email people requesting free support; the sense of entitlement they might perceive you to have if you do that (and more so if you roll in a complaint about the software/documentation quality) might annoy them, and if that is the case they might be expected to respond accordingly.

    I wholeheartedly agree.
    It was his tone and language that I was offended by.
    “This has really angered me as I do spend a HUGE amount of my time explaining to people like you stuff that is already there in front of your faces.”

    A later correspondence included “I believe you have no idea what you are talking about.”

    Sorry I have over 21 plugins on my site working fine, so I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about with regards to one.

    I seriously doubt that I’m the only one to hear this from him. but if you and he don’t care about how people are treated, fine. The great benefit of WP is there are so many ways to accomplish things. Let the market decide.

    But your points are well taken.

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    I fail to see how you can glean that I don’t care how people are treated from what I posted.

    There is nothing a forum moderator can do in regard to how people have replied to a private email, however If someone is being unpleasant on the forum, that would be addressed.

    Another reason to request support on the forum rather than by email is that it contributes to the community by making any answers available to anyone with the same issue searching for a solution.

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