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  • I find it very disturbing that a certain moderator feels the need to block a member of because the moderator chooses to dismiss a question. All i wanted to know is if a php code that i put together works with the wordpress codex guidelines but because i used a theme that was purchased i cannot ask questions about the codes. keep in mind that the Theme itself was just used as a base and in no way does it resemble or function as the regional paid for theme. I used the paid for theme to learn coding for wordpress and when i was done my “new” theme is 95% my own. I was clear in my question asking about the code and not about how it is supposed to work on my theme (Its is php for cry in out loud and last i checked php code is not theme specific). Her constant reference to the “forum guidelines” was just rude as the them is practically my own and i made that clear right from the beginning. I try to help people on here when i can and know the answer and a lli was hoping for was that someone would help me. Someone needs to moderate the moderators as this one in particular was very rude.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Which topic is that exactly?

    *Looks closely*

    It looks like you are using multiple accounts and that sort of behavior will get you blocked too. Sock puppet accounts are discouraged in these forums.

    See, this account you are using is 9 months old but this is the only topic you’ve ever posted. So which other account are you using and what topic are you referring to?

    Edit: Of course you’re using another account. The other one is blocked. I’d still like to know what that topic was.

    It was pertaining to this thread i started:

    all i wanted to know was if the code i put together was correct for what i was trying to achieve. her only question was “what theme i was using?” merely for the purpose of blocking it, at least that’s what it seems like in retrospect. You will see on there that i answered truthfully but also stated that i changed the template substantially.

    Also, the reason i had two accounts was because i couldn’t get on it months ago so i made a new one. As you can see i never re-used it as i was only trying to use one.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    *Reads topic, drinks more coffee*

    In that topic you wrote

    For the record…i am not asking IF THE CODE WILL WORK ON MY THEME, i am asking if the code is the correct format for wordpress…but hey i don’t have a free theme

    So here’s the thing: that code may work when placed in the right file and location specific to your theme. You’re not asking about a generic filter or action, you really are asking something specific to your commercial theme.

    Your insisting that it’s generic code and could/may have/ought to have worked anywhere isn’t true and as you were repeatedly informed, that theme is not supported in these forums.

    It looks like you are running this theme:

    Possibly, the credits were removed from the theme in your style.css file

    That theme has support from the author and it’s not for us to interfere with that support model here even if you modified that theme.

    When you paid for that theme that included support. Try that option, I think the authors may support you as you are their customer.

    Arguing repeatedly won’t change that. If you like, start a new topic about that code BUT I suggest you do it by using a theme that we support here.

    Here’s my advice:

    • Setup a new installation of WordPress. A WAMP or MAMP installation should be fine too.
    • Use the Twenty Fourteen theme. That’s the theme that currently ships with WordPress and is supported in these forums.
    • Setup a child theme and try that code.

    If you have problems then someone can support you with specific examples related to the Twenty Fourteen theme.

    Once that’s done it’s up to you take what you may have learned and apply that to your commercial theme. That part is not something you’ll get help from here for the reasons that have been stated.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this. Now you are correct, i did remove the credits because i redid 95% of the css code as well as the functions.php and index.php files. I couldn’t find a theme that would do exactly what i wanted anywhere and i wanted to learn code (i started with zero css, html, javascript, php knowledge 6 months ago). Since the theme i actually want to use the code on is live i already have a MAMP running and i use the genesis theme. I tried the code there as well and it did not work. From my understanding of php, the “if” command is a generic code is it not? It can be placed in many locations as i have done so already in other forms. I have read on here where people have asked similar questions as mine so i assumed it would be ok to do so.

    I understand what you are saying regarding the theme as you actually took the time to be civil about it instead of just pointing me to a link. But my question is more of a “is it possible to do”. I am planning on building other web sites with the wordpress CMS and i am sure there are many others that use these forums much like i did to learn. So i still don’t understand how asking about how possible a php statement is can be wrong and asking if the code itself is a viable one is wrong. When looking through the forums i can find several questions regarding building new headers and new page templates where the questions surround wordpress codex as i have, no matter the theme (some don’t even mention their theme). But fine, you guys control the dissemination of information and i won’t fight it, i will go somewhere else to see if the code is possible and hopefully someone else that needs it will find it there. Enjoy your coffee, i am on my third for the day already – Juan Valdez is my hero lol. Thanks again for taking the time Jan

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