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  • This is the kind of reply you get if you question a help ticket response:
    “If you had followed my instructions it would have been resolved yesterday, as your host just needs to be aware of the issue so they can take care of it.”

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  • Plugin Contributor Christine


    I am very sorry that you had a bad experience with us. I will talk to our staff and make sure this doesn’t happen again. ~ Christine

    Plugin Contributor Jason T. Wiser


    Tammy, I have reviewed the ticket support thread and I can see that Andrea, our support specialist, did an excellent job of trying repeatedly to resolve your issue. In order for us to provide support, we need your cooperation. She had sent a very detail list of steps that would fix your problem.

    Our level of support can only go so far. We cannot be held responsible for your server and host provider.

    I wish you would reconsider the one star review in the context of the full support that was provided to you from our staff. We too want to see the plugin working on your website.

    Once you have had a chance to try the steps in the instructions, please let us know if they worked.

    Thank you.

    Co-Owner, Warfare Plugins

    Thread Starter tammyt



    I do not believe that the comment she gave me, “If you had followed my instructions it would have been resolved yesterday…” was professional. I found it rude. We can agree to disagree on that point. For the record, I shared the conversation with colleagues and they too agreed that her reply was rude and passive aggressive.

    Her comment was in the second email, I do not consider that to be “repeatedly” trying to resolve my issue.

    I did contact my host and they were able to resolve the issue. I sent them her whole reply with instructions. They said it was not the issue she described but rather a different issue caused by your plugin’s update.

    My review is not based on the troubles I’ve had with your plugin. Although I’ve had several issues with it in the past, especially with updates, it is now updating correctly and seems to be operating fine. I actually LIKE the plugin. My review is based on the rude response I received when I asked for help in fixing something your update broke.

    If I’ve paid money to use a plugin, I expect it to work and not break with every update. If it doesn’t work, I expect assistance that is courteous and willing to work with me to resolve the issue. Remember, we are not all on the same technical level. When a customer replies and says “I don’t understand the instructions you sent” it isn’t an attack, its simply saying “I need you to make this more simple for me”.

    I spent hours of my day trying to fix something that was caused by your plugin’s update. A simple “I’m sorry this happened” would go a long way in changing my review.

    Plugin Contributor Jason T. Wiser


    Hi @tammyt,
    Thanks for the quick response. I see your side of this. And I am sorry this happened. I truly am.
    Thanks for letting us know that your host was able to get you all fixed up and running again.

    It means a lot to us that you wrote, “I actually LIKE the plugin.” That is the main goal here.

    About the professionalism and rudeness part, all I can say is that Andrea works 6-8 hours a day answering 50-80 tickets a day and she really does her best. If you had the privilege to meet her in person, I guarantee you would agree that she is a great gal and a very hard worker.

    So when I say that I am sorry this happened, I mean it. I know this was not personal from either of you.

    Anyway, hey, if you would consider giving us a second chance, consider Andrea never intended to be rude, and consider accepting our sincere apology that this whole misunderstanding happened, that would really make my day. 🙂

    And about changing your review, of course I would love that, but by no means expect it.

    My goal here was to make sure our customers are happy.
    And it sounds like you are closer to happy than unhappy.

    Jason Wiser

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