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  • Good day all,
    I have a site I put up with wordpress that is off my main site. The wordpress site sits within a frame, using the Rubric theme. It works fine with Mozilla/Firefox. But with IE, the display is all crapped out. But if I go directly to the site, as in sitename/wordpress, its viewable properly in IE.
    Any ideas? Is this a CSS issue with IE or a frame issue with IE?

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  • Neither. This is an issue to do with the basic mechanics of CSS positioning and the poor implementation of the W3C specifications by IE. From what you are describing major surgery is needed. Whatever the issues if we could encourage you to leave out the frame set at least until the blog positioning is straightened out you would find it easier. If we get a url here a lot of folks may try to help.

    Sure, my site is Click on the Portal link on the top and it will take you to
    I’ll leave it in the frameset for the time being to see if anyone can figure this out. Actually, for me, I would just leave it but a lot of my extended family and friends use IE …
    BTW, my site is in the cheesy stage, so please don’t poke too much fun at it 😉

    Ive looked. Its the frameset causing it. IMHO. Just needs tweaking a bit. The WP Rubric stuff looks fine for css positioning for both browsers..

    I’m the furthest person from web development, and it was an overwhelming accomplishment for me to even do the frameset.
    Any idea what would need to be tweaked in the frameset, or could you point me to some online references for framesets and the additional options that can be placed within in?
    Thanks a bunch for your help so far.

    Well I have to tell you the truth. Bottom line ? I have not implemented a frameset in over seven years. Go figure. 🙂

    When I look at in Firefox, I get a horizontal scrollbar. IE indeed is messed up, and it keeps on loading. It never fully loads. When I leave it alone for a while, the layout gets back to normal, untill I scroll again.
    As for the solution? I strongly suggest a no frames design. Yeah, I know, that’s not much of a solution … In the past I’ve used frames, but now it’s a big no-go as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully someone else will help you out.

    Some cool links back to the rest of your site from your blog is all you need. The family can adjust 🙂

    Guys are framesets even supported in xhtml 1.0 or are they deprecated?. And if so what doc type does the poor browser load? Just my 2c.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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