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    After updating the website no longer works and no one wants to take responsibility or help fix it. Braintree say it’s a Woo plugin issue and nothing to do with them and Woo say it’s not broken.

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  • You mean they didn’t blame your host yet?



    Not yet. Apparently the latest release of the plugin didn’t work with the latest release of woo commerce but does now and oddly Braintree PayPal support isn’t answering the phone or replying to any emails?

    I’m having the same issue. has anyone found a solution yet?

    I am changing my review of the plugin from 1 star to 5 as the plugin was never the problem, but the incompetent techs at Woocommerce.

    Here’s how I resolved my issue and sad to say Woocommerce was of zero help in this process, Paypal support helped me resolve it.

    Obviously, make sure all your plugins, Woocommerce, and WordPress running the latest versions.
    If the error message you’re receiving is 92201 or 92203, then it’s a Dynamic Descriptor issue. Here is the fix:

    1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
    2. Woocommerce settings and click the checkout tab
    3. click Braintree (credit card)
    4. Scroll down to Dynamic Descriptors and make sure those fields are blank
    So the Name, Phone, and URL field MUST BE blank, if you have anything in those fields, erase them then click save and that’s it.

    It took me 7 days of unnecessary back and forth with lame ass woo ninjas and they gave me bad information about filling out this section, don’t listen to them. Hopefully, this resolves your situation.



    Yep mine are blank already, thanks for the info though as it may help others. Still no return email or call from Braintree.

    mine are also already blank

    @war85ren – thanks for taking the time to post a solution that worked for you. So many people don’t come back after they resolve (especially if they found the source of the problem to be different) and it really helps when they do.

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    Hi @wordy1683f2,

    We are really sorry for your experience and want to how we can improve the situation, We’ll need to take a look in your site to lend a hand with this.
    You can open a ticket by going to http://www.WooCommerce.com, then click on Support > Helpdesk > Create a ticket > Free plugins.. Please make sure to include a temporary Administrator username and password with your message, so that our team can take a look at your site.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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