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    I’ve already posted my concerns elsewhere, but this version simply doesn’t work at the most basic levels, and totally screwed up my site. I have BP 1.7.3, and the latest WordPress installed on my site. Apparently, rtMedia isn’t even compatible with the latest version of WordPress, let alone Buddypress. So why release it then?

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  • Patryk


    I have the same ;/


    This morning they came up with 3.0.1 (then later 3.0.2, but not relevant to what I’m about say), and apparently there was incorrect code that they fixed in the rtMedia integration.php file. What happened with me, was that I went in to try and implement suggested code to get rid of my frozen migration, which didn’t work, so I reverted back, or so I thought, to the original code. Then I went in and updated, and tried migration again. That time it worked. I guess the file needed a reboot, and at the time, there had either been hidden spaces that shouldn’t have been there or simply incorrect code somewhere else in the page. Only the developers will know exactly what the case was. Hope this helps!

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    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    Thanks for your feedback Maria.


    Sorry for issue but we do not provide support here –

    Please use – for future support.

    This has ruined my website keep well clear of these cowboys! Angry is not the word I would chose…why fix something that was never broken, bring back buddypress media!!

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal



    You can get old buddypress-media from

    But old version will never get new feature.

    Please use – for future support.

    I totally agree with you. And the thing is, certain very basic issues persist as they move forward, i.e., stylistically. Now, they now longer have that scroll down for photos (know what I’m talking about?), but a photo in portrait layout is cropped to fit landscape layout, and there is no way to change the size or orientation. So when stripped the scroll down, they were left with what was behind it. What they had previously was as good as it gets, now it has just created a nightmare for everyone. I don’t think they realized how not ready they were, and will lose a lot of users in the process. There is too much else out there that can replace them. The only difference being, that they were bringing everything into the Buddypress profile. And in that way, they are unique. So, it becomes a pros vs cons game. What can you not live without more? or rather, what can you put up with in order to get what you want or need? It’s a tough one.

    Luckily, I really don’t have much of anything literally on my site, so my problems LUCKILy were almost completely resolved. And, if I do chose to turn them off because of a conflict that is arising with my theme, I have a backup for photos from my theme. My big thing on my site is having photos in the profile area. The videos are going to be more of a community thing anyway. And I have another backup plan for photos, which will also be community oriented. They are really falling short as a plugin. They were counting on people not being able to live without the plugin no matter what. I have news! I don’t think it’s going to pan out that way in the end, UNLESS they come through in the end. It’s definitely a wait and see situation.

    They made a perfectly plugin bad in one day. We should all post horrible reviews until its fixed!

    Totally agree with you.

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    @TPdaking#7782 @jersey & @interglobalmedia

    Its people like you because of which we decide to NOT add any more feature to open-source version.

    In fact this is last software our company releasing for free. Of course, we will work with everyone who contactes us through proper channel – as described here

    We will work with them to get their issues resolved. In most cases, issues are not related to our plugin but conflicts with outdated plugin, poorly coded theme and old PHP version. Some smart people were using PHP 5.1 when WordPress itself forces PHP 5.2 as min required version. We, of-course cannot test with outdated PHP releases and cannot be blame in such circumstances.

    Anyway, our team is reaching affected users and you can expect few more fixes in next week. Weather you choose to use it or not, updates will be there.

    BUT no new features for free for sure. I am highly disappointed with the way people treated us.

    Its a paradox here! If we don’t release update, people email us asking about next release date!

    They don’t bother to subscribe to newsletter and yell at us as why we did not email them about BIG release.

    They don’t see a warning in red screen requesting them to backup and then come and scream at us saying why we did not asked them to backup!

    Anyway, I am not concerned about loosing users. So those who have problem with rtMedia can stop using it. In fact that will help us give more time to rest, who atleast informed about their problem with some politeness.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    @TPdaking#7782? I’ve deleted your reply because it’s argumentative and doesn’t accomplish anything.

    Really, I suggest going for a walk. You’ll save yourself some unnecessary aggravation.

    @rahul286 Your last reply was deleted as well.

    You’re not happy as a plugin author. That’ve very clear from your not very pleasant replies here. That’s putting it nicely; you really need to take that chip off of your shoulder.

    These are not your customers but they are your users. Try and maintain a professional attitude and please stop provoking people. Stop and think about what you’re doing to the reputation of your company with those replies.

    If you cannot manage to do that then your replies and posts will not get approved and will continue to get deleted.

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