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  • Hi

    I have an issue with outgoing emails in Hebrew that I send with the plug-in
    When I send out a newsletter in Hebrew all the text gets stuck to the left of the email instead of being on the right of the email

    I tried using HTML dir attribute dir=rtl in the simple text editor, but it didn’t help
    I also tried editing the header of the templates with the HTML dir attribute but it also didn’t help

    I’m not sure what else to do
    Does anyone have any ideas


    P.s. in wordpress editing page The text does appear correctly in a right to left format

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  • Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi yefabian, thanks for the report.
    I didn’t try RTL newsletters, I’ll investigate more in next days.

    BTW I read : I think you can try creating a newsletter theme (read how to) and edit the theme styles for RTL purpose.
    The “Method 2” paragraph in codex link above should show how to add RTL styles.
    Let us know if it helps.

    Hi eventualo and thanks for the quick response

    So I tried what you mentioned, I basically went through one of the included themes Made a copy and changed all the lines that said text-align: left; To text-align: right;
    And it did alien the text to the right

    It does seem that some text is too much to the right I’ll see if I could figure it out
    (I don’t really know how to code, I learn but guessing and commonsense)

    Initially I followed the code on

    text-aline: right;
    Float: left;
    Clear: right;

    But That actually made some of the text align correctly and some not, I’m not sure why,
    I think the headers and footers were not correct but the body was correct with the code above

    Last question:
    If I want to send out a newsletter in Hebrew (RTL) without any themes what file do I need to edit ?

    Also I wanted to thank you for the great plug-in, I’ve been using it on a different site for about six years now, you created powerful but easy to use overall great newsletter plug-in,
    I think it’s The best wordpress newsletter plug-in out there. (and I did test other ones)

    On a similar note
    Since I was at it I updated the Hebrew translation files and uploaded them to the plug-in project on gethub
    I never did something like this before so I’m not sure If I did it correctly


    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi yefabian, if you don’t use themes you don’t have to edit any file, but only the html of newsletter content.
    In future I’ll search more about RTL newsletters. If you find useful guidelines, please share them.
    If you like to contribute with translation, you can add it in github of course, or you can join the translation project:
    Thanks for your appreciation 🙂

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    Hi again

    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I was really busy and then I got sick…

    There is this cool video from Tom Scott which is about a bug in android relating RTL, but he does explain the basics of RTL, if someone is not familiar with RTL,

    There is also this project called RTLCSS at
    And How to build RTL WordPress themes – WPML
    and How to enable Right-to-left (RTL) support in WordPress
    and Wikipedia at

    editing the HTML don’t work as I expected (I thought I tried in the past and it didn’t work but this time it did, kind of)

    Let me explain.

    If I just write in the editor text without selecting align text to right, in the edit panel it shows up as I expect on the right, (see this image) but then if I send it, it comes out in the email aligned to the left, (see this image)

    If I do select in the edit panel, align text to the right, (like this image) it does add the HTML code to align text to the right, (like in this image) and it does come out aligned to the right of the email, but it’s not actually aligned right to left, (see this image) you can see that the comma at the end of the test sentence switches around between the edit panel and the actual email received,

    this turns it into a real problem when trying to write a mixed sentence with A RTL character and then a LTR character (like a comma or A link ETC)

    Also I must add, Word press does support RTL And it is enabled in all the text that I wrote, (note this symbol) and I sent it like that, but it seems like the engine that processes the text before composing the email to send it, doesn’t recognize these Unicode symbols / removes them.

    I got the Unicode mark for RTL from Wikipedia here

    Thank you for all your help

    P.S. I uploaded the updated translation to get hub, but doing it through the Word project seems much better so I’ll try to do it there too

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi yefabian, thanks a lot for your explanation! I’ll add it to plugin faq page.

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