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    I have purchased the pro version of the startup blog, thinking that it might better solve my issues, but it does not seem to.
    The main reason I purchased it is since it claims to be RTL ready. However, it does not seem to be so. I see at least the following issues:

    * On RTL (Hebrew, in my case) the arrows of the slide moves to the opposite direction (i.e., you click the Right Arrow and you see the dot navigator moves left)

    * The Navigation button between pages (e.g. for moving to earlier posts) shows the wrong arrow direction (right for “next”, rather than left)

    * Most problematic: I work with PolyLang, to have per-language pages. The changes I do for fonts and colors seem to affect only part of the site – the English version looks different than the Hebrew one (for example, the title of the site does change font in both languages but it only changes font-size in the English version).


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  • Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry for these errors with the RTL display. I will address each of these points in the next update for Startup Blog.

    For now, this CSS will flip the slider arrows inwards and correct the blog pagination arrows:

    .slide-nav {
      transform: rotate(180deg);
    .pagination .next,
    .pagination .prev {
      transform: rotate(180deg);

    Please copy & paste that code into the “Additional CSS” section in the Customizer (Appearance > Customize), and it will take effect right away.

    I’m not 100% sure what the conventions are for an RTL slider, so let me know if this is not the ideal design for the arrows/dot navigation.

    Regarding the fonts not taking effect, could you link me to an example on your site? I’ll take a look and come up with a fix for that as well.

    Thank you!

    Thank you very much for your prompt response, Ben!

    Sorry I didn’t have time till now to check your suggestions.

    – Regarding the pagination – it seems to actually solve the problem immediately.
    – Regarding the slider – I might have poorly explained the issue. The arrows visual direction was Ok (outward). The problem is, that when I click the Right arrow, I see that the dots-navigation moves Left, and when I click the Left arrow, the dots-navigation moves Right. So the problem is not in the visualization of the arrows but in their logic (apparently, the “Left” arrow is on the Right side of the slider and vice versa).
    – Regarding the issue of Hebrew (RTL) pages not being affected by most of the styling changes, I can send you a link or screenshots if you give me an email address to send it to.

    Thank you very much,

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    Okay I see. I can correct the slider direction in the next update for Startup Blog.

    Please send me a link to the site at, and I’ll check it out.


    Thank you very much, Ben.
    Will send it right away.

    Another (less crucial) issue about the slider in RTL:

    Thanks to the latest fixes, the colors now work on the RTL version as well as the regular one. However, the slider’s gradient direction is the same. Thus, for example, if I want it to be darker at the “beginning” and lighter at the “end”, in the RTL version it will be exactly in the same direction, which means it will be darker at the “end” and lighter at the “beginning”.

    Theme Author Ben Sibley


    I see what you mean. I can reverse the gradients everywhere for RTL in the next update.

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