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  • Hello everyone. I run a small bi-weekly and use WP as a CMS. This means that every other week I have to upload dozens of texts at a time. It’s both time-consuming and tedious: open the file in text editor, copy, paste, add bolding and such, save with a different date, open another text…

    My question is: is there a way to batch publish my rtf files, or at least import them straight to WP? I was looking for some plugin to do that, but could not find one. Ideally, the tool would allow me to select a number of files and some properties for all of them (like common date, publisher and category), doing the rest (applying formatting and so on) would be easy. Alternatively a simple one-by-one solution would be much of a help as well.

    BTW, all my rtf files are structured in the very same way, which could help. The file naming scheme I use is “<WP category> – <Title of a post> – <number of words>.rtf”, and the first line always is “<WP category> | <Title of a post>”. That should help I guess.

    Any ideas?

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  • I’m in a very similar situation with 100’s of text files from a newspaper column I write for a series of Canadian newspapers.

    John Wade

    Err… anyone? Pretty, pretty please with a sugar on a top… If meddling with .doc and .rtf formats is too hard (they’re owned by Micro$oft after all), perhaps the same would be possible with .odf, which is free, or at least .txt? I think I could find some software converting my files en masse to one of those…

    I am afraid this is not what you want to hear but this thread is the closest (as far as I can remember) to your “batch import” request.

    rtf or doc are NOT formats for the web or a database – so I don’t think there is anything that could work from them directly.

    Yup, I know those format are not exactly the same thing as html, but their conversion to .txt is pretty simple. That’s why I believe including such an option would not be too difficult. Or am I getting the whole thing wrong?

    Just to set things straight, I don’t want to publish with Microsoft Word, but to be able to upload clean and tidy text from already-existing files. I guess this would be possible to implement, but I have no idea where to start. The link posted above is not exactly the thing I had in mind…

    Sorry to bring this back from the dead but I was wondering if anyone knows of a solution to this?

    Actually, I just realized that I had a copy of Adobe Contribute. And with that it is possible.

    i am a mac user, so i don’t know if this works, but if you click the kitchen sink icon in tinymce it shows a paste from word icon.

    maybe save the word document as html and paste it in the code view?(yea, i know word writes crap html)

    the next best thing is to make xml files and use the import feature…

    Sadly, no solution as of yet. Pasting the content doesn’t really solve the problem, as I’d still have to manually open each and every file, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and so on. This gets a tad boring when there’s hundreds of files to be opened at once. I’ll try Adobe Contribute, sadly Windows Live Writer doesn’t allow it.

    Halibutt – did you ever get this to work?

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